Much of the web based code I have written can be found here.


Standalone projects.

Clean Room Companion Robot Site

Website created for my senior project demo. Explains how the basics of how the robot works and how it was created.

DEQ Visualization

A visualization created for the Utah Division of Environmental Quality at my job at SCI. Shows data about the different pollutants contributing to Utah's inversion event.


Assignments completed in my graphics course using WebGL. Most were made to specifications in Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach with WebGL.


An abstract drawing using simple shapes which changes according to user input. This assignment was designed to give a foundation for understanding of WebGL.


This assignment was given to show an understanding of hierarchies in graphics.

Lighting and Materials

This project builds on the work from the previous two assignments and adds in knowledge of lighting and materials to create a teddy bear which can wander around a surface, directed by user input. The user can also change the lighting and shading.


This project adds spotlighting and texture mapping to the previous one. A checkered texture is added to the floor and photos are texture-mapped onto a pyramid. The shading and texturing can be texturing can be turned on or off.

Ray Tracer

A raytraced scene with a checkered floor, a snowman, a reflective sphere, a refractive sphere, and a brass cube. This image contains reflection, refraction, and shadows. Note: takes a long time to load.